Imagine having life’s best pleasures at the reach of your hand and being 100% flavorful but completely guiltless; your favorite snacks have gone healthy. How come?

When we say we’ve been where you are, we mean it: trying to manage your life by balancing work, having fun with family and friends, sleeping well and having time to work out and eat well. But it’s hard to achieve all of these things without failing in one or the other, don’t you think?

Luckily, with a little (or too much) traveling, sleepless nights and gathering experiences we realized something; whenever we were hungry and didn’t have time to eat, we always looked for something sugary: a chocolate bar, a brownie or even a doughnut without realizing how badly these were destabilizing everything else in our lives. But we also didn’t want to give up on these delicacies, so we sorted something out that changed our lives drastically: on-the-go delicious healthy snacks.

These functional-snacks have the best of both worlds: the smell, the flavor and the consistency of everyday snacks alongside the benefits of fortified healthy food for when you crave something in the middle of the day, to help your pre or post-work out routine or just because you want to eat something delicious without cheating on your diet.

Don’t believe us? We get it, you don’t have to. Instead, we say to give us a chance one bite at a time, you won’t regret it.

 Sometimes a well-deserved break can appear in the form of your favorite snack, and we in Alasature pretty much know that.